Director's Awards - 2011



Dorothy Beavers -  Lincoln Park School in Penn Hills

  • Allegheny County
  • August 2011 Volunteer Spotlight (to learn more click here)

Emma Rhoades - Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh

  • Allegheny County

Lexie McLeod - Clairton Elementary School

  • Allegheny County


Service Awards - 2011


Fifteen Years of Service
Beulah Hauser - Beaver County
Lillian Rainey - Allegheny County


Ten Years of Service
Bernice Clark - Beaver County             
Margaret Cox - Washington County
Annette Durant - Beaver County
Doris Fuller - Washington County
Celestine Harris - Washington County
Doris Johnston - Beaver County
Dolores Love - Greene County
Johnnie Mae Roberts - Beaver County
Nancy Tylka - Beaver County
Virginia Zoric - Greene County


Five Years of Service
Freda Andreone - Washington County
Dorothy Beavers - Allegheny County
Carolyn Browder - Beaver County
Anna Burch - Allegheny County
Elizabeth Cain - Beaver County
Mary Calloway - Allegheny County
Eleanor Carter - Allegheny County
Carol Copper - Beaver County
Catherine Durant - Fayette County
Anna Marie Fleming - Fayette County
Emma Fraley - Washington County
Eileen Gallagher - Washington County
Barbara Gans - Allegheny County
Ann Harris - Allegheny County
Pamelia Jackson - Allegheny County
Rita Johnson - Allegheny County
Thelma Law - Washington County
Hazel Lewis - Washington County
Betty Little - Beaver County
Mildred Robinson - Allegheny County
Shirley Schultz - Washington County
Erma Jean Talbert - Washington County
Janet Turner - Allegheny County
Frances Winbush - Allegheny County