Community Volunteers


Senior volunteers are an important part of the community.

Each year, hundreds of Community Volunteers lend their time and talents to help the Foster Grandparent Program fulfill its mission, to provide seniors with volunteer opportunities to improve the lives of children with special needs in our community. These special seniors share their life experiences with the children who need them the most - allowing one-on-one time.

Volunteers may assist in the physical or speech therapy; they may help with homework, or they may simply "be there" as a grandparent. The program helps abused and neglected children; mentors young mothers and troubled teens; provides care for pre-mature infants and children in hospitals; provides different generations opportunities to learn from one another and grow together; and improves the lives of children, enriches the volunteer's lives and allows the volunteer to remain active in their community.

The Foster Grandparent Program always needs Community Volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at (412) 263-3165 or toll-free 888-217-9599.


We are looking for Senior Volunteers in these locations:

Allegheny County

Beaver County

Butler County

Fayette County

Greene County

Washington County