Frequently asked questions by potential volunteer Stations


What is a Volunteer Station?
A Volunteer Station is a facility where the Foster Grandparent interacts with children. Volunteer Stations are most often child care centers, Head Start classrooms, hospitals and schools.

What are the requirements to become a Volunteer Station?
To qualify, you must be a public agency: private non-profit or proprietary health care agency. You'll be required to provide 20 hours per week of meaningful job assignments where Foster Grandparents can work directly with children. Volunteer Stations provide each Foster Grandparent with training and supervision.

Is there a lot of paperwork necessary in being a Volunteer Station?
Volunteer Stations complete timesheets and annual reports such as an assignment plan and evaluation for each Foster Grandparent.

Does the Volunteer Station select the Foster Grandparent?
Yes. The Foster Grandparent Program staff conducts the initial screening of the potential volunteer then the Volunteer Station interviews the candidate to determine if there is a match.

What do Foster Grandparents do at the Volunteer Station?
It is site specific. Each Volunteer Station is unique and the duties vary in the degree of need. Specific duties would be indicated on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). However, we ask that the grandparents give one-on-one attention to children struggling with math, reading, and low self-esteem. They may also help by reading stories, assisting with child care activities to engage, support and care for the children and in other areas such as helping to develop fine motor skills and life learning skills.

Does the Volunteer Station pay for the Foster Grandparent?
Yes and no. We ask for a 50 cent per hour contribution to cover travel reimbursement, but this request is by no means a requirement.

Who determines the Foster Grandparent's role at the Volunteer Station?
Each Station customizes the Foster Grandparent's job description to meet the specific need of the Station as long as the volunteer is working directly with children while utilizing the Grandparent's skill set.

What happens if the Foster Grandparent doesn't work out?
Unfortunately, in the rare occasions when this happens, Grandparents can transfer to another Station that is a better fit for both parties.

How can I become a Volunteer Station?
Call us! Just contact our office at (412) 263-3165 and we'll have a Field Coordinator contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.


The listing of sites change continuously and if you are interested in being a site, contact our office at (412) 263-3168.